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Horseback Ridings

The Horseback Ridings are one of the most exciting rides you can do in Argentina, especially in Patagonia, where the rides are held and which has incredible scenarios with unique beauty. In La Usina we count with 20 horses to provide unforgettable journeys of different durations, which will amaze you. The Lenga Forests tour offers a one hour walk in this part of Patagonia where you wander through the magnificent forest trails, bordering lakes, rivers and streams, enjoying the peace and beauty of the South Argentina.

The tour departs from our stables and sets up at the first lookout, where can be observed the Mitre Valley and the two lakes, Argentino and Brazo Rico which surround the Magallanes Peninsula. In this landscape stand out for its beauty the Buenos Aires, Frias, De los Cristales and Mitre hills. In addition, you can appreciate the different types of vegetation and typical fauna species of the area.

On the other hand, the circuit “Tras las huellas del Puma” is a 2 hour walk going through a unique and amazing natural environment of Argentina, which leads you to connect with the flora and fauna of the La Usina surrounding area. This tour is named “Tras las huellas del Puma” because during the walks it’s possible to see the tracks of mountain lions which, during the night, travel the region to hunt their prey.

During your visit to La Usina, do not hesitate to participate in the rides that are carried out through the fascinating scenes of the Argentine Patagonia and after enjoy an exquisite regional cuisine.